Humanitarian demining: the Yellow-Blue Charitable Foundation and Transimpex have become partners

In June 2022, the Yellow-Blue Charitable Foundation and the Transimpex Company began cooperating, joining forces for the humanitarian demining of war-affected areas.

Representatives of partner organizations set a goal to reduce the period of full humanitarian demining of war-contaminated regions of Ukraine as much as possible. This requires the mobilization of Ukrainian specialists and their provision with the latest equipment designed to detect explosives. A program of joint activities is planned in close cooperation with international specialized organizations.

Transimpex, which has been operating in the Ukrainian market and abroad since 2003, has gained unique experience and competencies in humanitarian demining. Today, in areas where hostilities continue, the security of the civilian population is under serious threat. Still hidden mines, shells, explosives take the lives of civilians. Therefore, humanitarian demining for Ukraine will remain one of the highest priorities for a long time. Experts from Transimpex and the Yellow-Blue Foundation are ready to provide highly professional assistance in solving this problem.

Yellow-Blue Charitable Foundation