Yellow-Blue announces the launch of a humanitarian demining program

On June 16, 2022, the Yellow-Blue Charitable Foundation will launch a program for accelerated humanitarian demining of Ukraine using innovative technologies.

Today Ukraine is the most mined country in the world. The problem of contamination of the territory with explosive objects threatens the lives and health of more than 10 million people. The situation is leading to a crisis in the agricultural sector, as harvesting and further tillage are at risk of undermining people and agricultural machinery. The prospect of demining with the funds available in our country dates back tens of years, especially given the lack of necessary budgets for this activity.

Yellow-Blue, in cooperation with the world's leading technology partners, provides comprehensive accelerated demining solutions.

The fund's program includes the following areas:

  • Remote reconnaissance of the area and marking of detected explosive objects using drones and artificial intelligence;
  • Neutralization of explosive devices, including mines and shells;
  • Disposal of expired ammunition, including teleconference (remote involvement of experts in video mode);
  • Maintaining a geo-register of dangerous areas and personnel base of sappers;
  • Training of military, engineers and other participants in demining methodologies and techniques that have local features;
  • Informing civilians, especially children, about safety rules in places where hostilities have taken place or there is an increased risk.

To achieve its goals, the fund gathers the best technological solutions and practices, as well as involves technological partners to create infrastructure for full humanitarian demining of Ukraine. Cooperation agreements have already been signed with companies such as Def-C (unmanned aerial vehicles) and Transimpex (professional demining services). To increase the speed of search and demining of explosives, the possibility of using specialized equipment from DraganFly (Canada), as well as other well-known manufacturers, is being considered several times.

About the fund

The Yellow-Blue Charitable Foundation was established in March 2022 in response to full-scale Russian aggression. The initiators were entrepreneurs and IT specialists working in the field of high technology for over 20 years. Prior to Russia's full-scale invasion, most of them specialized in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles, specialized software, and drone surveys and infrastructure services. Drone operators and engineers were involved as volunteers for the needs of the national police and other security and humanitarian agencies. These include searching for missing persons and monitoring facilities, assisting in the detection of property crimes, inspecting accident sites, and so on. In particular, more than 30 of our drone operators cooperated with local authorities and emergency services.

From February 24, 2022, the initiators of the Fund significantly increased free assistance to government agencies to eliminate the effects of hostilities in the liberated territories. In the first two months of the war, they spent about UAH 100 million.

Today, our team brings together, in addition to IT professionals, experienced managers, public figures, and scientists. Other areas of the Yellow-Blue Foundation include humanitarian logistics, automated infrastructure monitoring and control, and psychological and physical rehabilitation of veterans.

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