Our projects

Humanitarian demining

Ukraine is the most mined country in the world, which needs urgent comprehensive solutions for humanitarian demining. Our programs:

  • Reconnaissance of the area and marking of discovered explosive objects;
  • Neutralization of explosive objects, including mines and projectiles;
  • Disposal of expired ammunition, including teledemining (remote inclusion of experts in video mode);
  • Keeping a georegister of dangerous territories;
  • Management of the personnel base of sappers;
  • Training military personnel, engineers and other participants in demining methodologies and techniques that have local characteristics;
  • Creating and maintaining a knowledge base, automated analysis of demining errors;
  • Mine clearance logistics (landfill, transport, personnel, methods, special equipment);
  • Informing civilians, especially children, about safety rules in places where hostilities have taken place or where there is an increased risk.

The Yellow-Blue Foundation works in close cooperation with leading international organizations and technological leaders.


Support for cultural and artistic figures who help Ukraine on international platforms

We cooperate with international organizations and provide assistance in establishing a professional exchange between Ukrainian and European, American, Canadian artists, directors, cameramen, screenwriters, curators, art critics, artists, etc. Advertising Ukraine through the creation of works of culture and art is a way to integrate Ukrainian and Western society, an important tool for communication in the international arena. With the help of artistic works, artists effectively convey information about Ukraine and current events.
Shot from Lilia Syvytska's project "Elegy of Living Voices"

Resource provision of humanitarian logistics

During hostilities, many vehicles needed for the life support of the affected settlements are lost. Due to disruption of logistics chains, people are deprived of basic needs: access to food, clothing, housing, medicine. The lack of transport does not allow people to evacuate from areas of humanitarian disaster.

Yellow-Blue helps to solve technical and technological problems:
  • We purchase refurbished wheeled vehicles (including off-road vehicles) from specialized transport companies (trucks, pickups, minibuses, buses) for the needs of the State Emergency Service with mileage;
  • We implement a system of automated accounting and distribution of humanitarian aid, provide service support. This avoids abuses and inefficient supplies.

Transport logistics and IT technologies make it possible to provide timely assistance to those who need it most.


Systems for rapid detection of infrastructure damage

The bombing of Ukrainian cities leads to the destruction of the infrastructure of life support. Life without light, water, heat puts people on the edge of survival. Without high-tech solutions, utility workers risk their lives every day.

Involved Yellow-Blue specialists implement specialized IT solutions for the accelerated localization of damage and restoration of objects:
  • Aero Monitoring of network infrastructure;
  • Thermal inspection;
  • Creating a digital model of the terrain;
  • Systems of remote control of key nodes of networks.
Timely emergency response allows you to save people's lives and restore the operation of networks.

Rehabilitation of veterans and victims of hostilities

War leaves deep wounds not only on the human body, but also traumatizes mental health. Untimely referral to a specialist leads to deepening of personal problems in the future, and can also destroy relationships with relatives and friends. We are working on creating a network of rehabilitation centers in all regions of Ukraine. We pay great attention to physical rehabilitation. Among our programs:
  • Veteran social hubs;
  • Psychotherapeutic support;
  • Electronic registration of recipients and telemedicine assistance;
  • Restoration of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Physiotherapy procedures;
  • Physical culture and sports, competitions;
  • Vocational orientation of veterans, including rehabilitations and psychologists.
To implement our programs, Yellow-Blue attracts qualified specialists, financial partners and uses the existing infrastructure.

Combating extremism and terrorism in the information space

Russian informational influence has a destructive effect on both civil society and political institutions in many countries. Totalitarian ideology, misinformation, populism, manipulation and hate speech, widely broadcast in the media space, weaken the immunity of democratic states and make their territories and populations easy prey for the aggressor. Our programs are aimed at educating the broad masses of the population and politicians, leaders of public opinion in order to protect the democratic system and humanism.