Jamala has put her Eurovision dress up for auction. The funds raised will be donated to the Yellow-Blue Foundation

The dress in which the singer Jamala opened the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv in 2017 will be the key lot of the charity auction. Proceeds will go to the Armed Forces and help Ukrainians affected by the war.

«Для мене це більше, аніж просто річ, це справжній витвір мистецтва, у якому зійшлись традиції та історія моєї країни»,— так сказала артистка про сукню, створену дизайнеркою Юлією Магдич.

According to Jamala, the auction will take place on Catawiki.com from May 10 to 18. In total, it will feature eleven items from Eurovision participants of different years. The funds raised will be donated to the Yellow-Blue Foundation.

«I'm counting on a great result,» the singer assured.

Yellow-Blue Charitable Foundation