Demining Ukraine is one of the most important tasks!

Demining is one of the largest and most complex problems of wartime and post-war conflicts. Ukraine, which experienced years of armed conflicts in its eastern territory until 2022 and is currently repelling a large-scale military aggression, faces the acute issue of undemined areas. Mykhailo Vihovsky, the co-founder of Intecracy Group and one of the main donors of our fund, shared his perspective on the situation.

  1. Scale of the Problem

Many territories remained covered with mines and explosive devices after liberation. These zones pose a severe risk to the local population who might step on a mine while tending to their fields or simply moving through or around their settlement. At present, Ukraine is the most mined country in the world. The total area of mined territories in Ukraine due to Russian aggression is 174,000 square kilometers. For context, that's twice the size of Austria.

  1. Impact on Local Population

Minefields limit the use of land for agricultural purposes. Furthermore, these territories become inaccessible for constructing houses, roads, and other infrastructure. There's also a psychological dimension: the local population lives in constant stress, aware of the potential danger.

  1. Demining Process

Demining is a lengthy and costly process that requires specialized equipment and highly qualified professionals. Ukraine receives international assistance in this regard, but the magnitude of the problem demands more efforts and resources.

  1. International Collaboration

Several international organizations actively assist Ukraine in demining. Their expertise, equipment, and financial support help accelerate the process and reduce the risk for the local population. The «Yellow-Blue» fund collaborates with them, as well as with the most renowned manufacturers of demining equipment.

  1. Information Campaigns

To reduce the risk for people living in potentially dangerous areas, information campaigns are conducted. Their objective is to educate the populace on safe conduct, detection, and reporting of suspicious objects.

«The demining issue in Ukraine is extremely pressing and demands a joint effort at both national and international levels. Only through collective efforts can we address this problem and restore safe living conditions for the local populace,» notes Mykhailo Vihovsky. «This year, our fund conducted preparatory work. Next year, we anticipate resources that will allow us to speed up the process.»

Demining, Ukraine